Quality and Style in Your Wardrobe, We Tell You How!

When it comes to office garments, what should be the priority? The priority is defined by you, but in the equation you must take into account these 3 characteristics

  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Variety

There are brands that offer you the possibility of dressing well, at a good price and without sacrificing the durability and quality of your clothes. In this article we will give you some tips to make sure that that garment that you liked in the store or boutique is a quality garment that will last in your wardrobe.

Check your backlight color

Place one of your hands under the fabric of the garment when you review it. The less you see your hand through the fabric, it means that the garment is of better quality. As long as it is not a normal feature of the fabric (lace or satin, for example).

Check the closures

The closure should always be part of the design of the garment. To know if you worked with quality, the zipper must be covered in the garment or be the same color of the fabric. If it is exposed, it is a poor quality indicator.

Choose fabrics well

If your garment is made of fabrics such as wool, silk or cotton, they will always be of better quality than synthetic fabrics. They are pieces that are destined to last longer if they are taken care of in the washing and ironing instructions.

Know the patterns

The patterns in the garments are the lines of the design. These lines speak. If you know how to check, you can identify if a garment is or is not of quality. When these lines do not match, it means that there was no care in the finish of the seam and as a result, it is more likely that your garment will be unstitched or break over time.

The seams are important

The space between the seams of the clothing delimits the cost of manufacturing the garment. The more space between the seams, the clothing was made reducing costs. That is, they are sacrificing quality, for the price of production.

At BIBO we are manufacturers of business uniforms and offer advice on the creation of corporate styles with the use of the best fabrics in the country. We have presence throughout the national territory.

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