The Snow Queen: how to make Elsa’s braid?

Tuto hairstyle: The braid of Elsa from The Frozen

The animated film The Frozen is a planetary box. All little girls (and little boys too) only have eyes for the beautiful Princess Elsa. And many of them dream of having the same hairstyle: this sublime voluminous braid. Notice to moms, we will explain how to make this famous hairstyle, which is none other than an African braid on the side, thanks to the advice of the blogger Alicia (). This young mother made the braid on her little girl and the result is bluffing. We let you discover the tutorial.

Step 1 : Untangle the hair and make a stripe on the side. Put all the hair on one side. Take a small wick on the top of the head. Divide it into three equal parts and start the braid. 
Step 2 : Start by making a classic braid. For that, it is enough to pass alternatively the wick of right above that of the middle then the wick of left above that of the middle. As you weave, add strands of hair to incorporate them into the braid so that it sticks to the skull and follows the path of the hair. Tighten more or less the braid according to your desire. 
Step 3: Pass the last strands of the braid under the left ear. Finish by making a classic braid that you will drop on the shoulder. That’s it. You can make this same braid in a more classic way in the back. In this case, take a wick on the top of the head where you want the braid to start. 
Little trick : to give more relief to the braid, you can execute it upside down. In this case, take the three strands, except that instead of passing the right and left strands above the middle, you pass them below. Last, this hairstyle can be performed on all types of hair, including the finest, but it is best that they are long (at least the shoulder).

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