Moscow: a fashion show with “armed” children creates controversy

In Russia, little girls marched armed with plastic guns to advocate peace in the world. But far from moving, the show has aroused strong criticism …

mosow child

As every year, Russia puts the spotlight on headgear at the famous CHAPEAU fair. During this event, several parades and stands present the latest trends in contemporary Russian and international fashion. And we can say that the 2014 edition, which was held a few days ago in Moscow, was strong, even very strong.

While the war rages in eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists, a show with children has created controversy. And for good reason, little girls aged between 10 and 12, dressed in colorful dresses from different countries, walked on the catwalk. Each wore a hat representing a lighthouse monument of the nation in question. So far nothing abnormal. The problem was that these young ladies had fake rifles that they ran, in turn, to the public. Models from countries like Russia, France, China, Spain or Britain pointed their weapons at the assembly. For once, I’m not a fan. But what is more disconcerting is that the little girl wearing the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine has squarely directed the weapon against his head, miming a suicide, after having also directed his weapon towards the spectators, then towards the little “Russian” and the little “American”.

Fortunately, the end is much less creepy since a girl, dressed as an angel, comes to disarm all his colleagues. And little girls wearing the colors of the United States, Ukraine and Russia join hands.

At the height of her 10th birthday, Alita Andrishevskaya, the so-called creator of this show, who also represented Russia, explained that the theme of her pageant was “the children of the world against the war” . The presenter of the event, moreover added that this show “was inspired by the events in Ukraine. This table shows that all the children of the world are united, they are friends and want peace. For their part, the organizers insisted that this show was “not at all political”. No kidding? Despite the rather benevolent end, I am not convinced. Did the young Alita really do this show alone? The costumes, the hats, the weapons and the staging? One wonders … Many adults, whether Russians or Ukrainians do not already understand this war. So children? !!

In order to calm the controversy, Alita posted on social networks a photo of all “countries” gathered with the legend: “that’s how it should be. This poor child and all the others were certainly used to make a “beautiful” propaganda message.

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