At 23, He adopts the look of Prince George for a week!

We know that Prince George is a true fashion icon. All his outfits are deciphered, and on each of his official releases (or not elsewhere), the clothes he wears are stormed by young moms around the world. But it seems that Baby George is also a source of inspiration for young men like Max Knoblauch. Aged 23, this journalist from the American site “Mashable” has chosen to dress like the little prince for a week. A rather crazy idea! In fact, the journalist simply finds that the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William has a much more hectic life than his. “Prince George is a baby, he has never done anything of his life as I have never done anything of mine. So I’m perfect for that. ” As he points out, “no one has ever complimented [his] style … while  Prince George was named the 49th best-dressed man in Britain by GQ magazine.”

Wishing that people change their minds about his style of dress, Max embarked on this original adventure. As he explains: he has faced two challenges: finding clothes to his size and avoid being arrested!

At the end of the week, this real “field journalist” explains that this experience has taught him many things. “New Yorkers do not care what you wear.” Moreover, according to him, “we should all try to be royal babies”. Who knows, he may be launching a new trend: the royal style baby for men … Not sure that women appreciate! In any case, I do not adhere at all. I prefer the miniature version.

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