East West bag

Mulberry Bayswater East West bag

I have a longing to own a genuine Mulberry Bayswater Bag, preferably in crushed rouge noir patent leather. However, when I go to the shop to touch and feel that coveted Mulberry designer handbag there is one thing that has stopped me from buying the bag.

East West bag

The obstacle to my purchase is the size of the thing. I just find it too unwieldy, and I might have bought it before realizing if the assistant had not suggested that I look at it in the mirror. On me, the standard Mulberry Bayswater Bag looks seriously oversized. But, as I was in one of Mulberry’s own stores at the time there was plenty of other stock to look at. It was then that I spotted the often overlooked Mulberry Bayswater East West Tote, perfectly sized for any woman under 5 feet 4 (like me). This little cutie measures 17.5cm high and 33 cm wide – a few years ago that would have been classified as a large handbag, but not anymore.

Another dislike of mine is the matt leather that Mulberry use for a lot of versions of this iconic bag.   But this Mulberry Bayswater East West in Chocolate Brown print will be a lot easier to maintain than the matt finish. It is available now at John Lewis at £550 but act fast because a lot of colors have already sold out. Free delivery in the UK and a money back guarantee means you can buy with confidence.

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