The Snow Queen: how to make Elsa’s braid?

Tuto hairstyle: The braid of Elsa from The Frozen

The animated film The Frozen is a planetary box. All little girls (and little boys too) only have eyes for the beautiful Princess Elsa. And many of them dream of having the same hairstyle: this sublime voluminous braid. Notice to moms, we will explain how to make this famous hairstyle, which is none other than an African braid on the side, thanks to the advice of the blogger Alicia (). This young mother made the braid on her little girl and the result is bluffing. We let you discover the tutorial.

Step 1 : Untangle the hair and make a stripe on the side. Put all the hair on one side. Take a small wick on the top of the head. Divide it into three equal parts and start the braid. 
Step 2 : Start by making a classic braid. For that, it is enough to pass alternatively the wick of right above that of the middle then the wick of left above that of the middle. As you weave, add strands of hair to incorporate them into the braid so that it sticks to the skull and follows the path of the hair. Tighten more or less the braid according to your desire. 
Step 3: Pass the last strands of the braid under the left ear. Finish by making a classic braid that you will drop on the shoulder. That’s it. You can make this same braid in a more classic way in the back. In this case, take a wick on the top of the head where you want the braid to start. 
Little trick : to give more relief to the braid, you can execute it upside down. In this case, take the three strands, except that instead of passing the right and left strands above the middle, you pass them below. Last, this hairstyle can be performed on all types of hair, including the finest, but it is best that they are long (at least the shoulder).

At 23, He adopts the look of Prince George for a week!

We know that Prince George is a true fashion icon. All his outfits are deciphered, and on each of his official releases (or not elsewhere), the clothes he wears are stormed by young moms around the world. But it seems that Baby George is also a source of inspiration for young men like Max Knoblauch. Aged 23, this journalist from the American site “Mashable” has chosen to dress like the little prince for a week. A rather crazy idea! In fact, the journalist simply finds that the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William has a much more hectic life than his. “Prince George is a baby, he has never done anything of his life as I have never done anything of mine. So I’m perfect for that. ” As he points out, “no one has ever complimented [his] style … while  Prince George was named the 49th best-dressed man in Britain by GQ magazine.”

Wishing that people change their minds about his style of dress, Max embarked on this original adventure. As he explains: he has faced two challenges: finding clothes to his size and avoid being arrested!

At the end of the week, this real “field journalist” explains that this experience has taught him many things. “New Yorkers do not care what you wear.” Moreover, according to him, “we should all try to be royal babies”. Who knows, he may be launching a new trend: the royal style baby for men … Not sure that women appreciate! In any case, I do not adhere at all. I prefer the miniature version.

Moscow: a fashion show with “armed” children creates controversy

In Russia, little girls marched armed with plastic guns to advocate peace in the world. But far from moving, the show has aroused strong criticism …

mosow child

As every year, Russia puts the spotlight on headgear at the famous CHAPEAU fair. During this event, several parades and stands present the latest trends in contemporary Russian and international fashion. And we can say that the 2014 edition, which was held a few days ago in Moscow, was strong, even very strong.

While the war rages in eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists, a show with children has created controversy. And for good reason, little girls aged between 10 and 12, dressed in colorful dresses from different countries, walked on the catwalk. Each wore a hat representing a lighthouse monument of the nation in question. So far nothing abnormal. The problem was that these young ladies had fake rifles that they ran, in turn, to the public. Models from countries like Russia, France, China, Spain or Britain pointed their weapons at the assembly. For once, I’m not a fan. But what is more disconcerting is that the little girl wearing the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine has squarely directed the weapon against his head, miming a suicide, after having also directed his weapon towards the spectators, then towards the little “Russian” and the little “American”.

Fortunately, the end is much less creepy since a girl, dressed as an angel, comes to disarm all his colleagues. And little girls wearing the colors of the United States, Ukraine and Russia join hands.

At the height of her 10th birthday, Alita Andrishevskaya, the so-called creator of this show, who also represented Russia, explained that the theme of her pageant was “the children of the world against the war” . The presenter of the event, moreover added that this show “was inspired by the events in Ukraine. This table shows that all the children of the world are united, they are friends and want peace. For their part, the organizers insisted that this show was “not at all political”. No kidding? Despite the rather benevolent end, I am not convinced. Did the young Alita really do this show alone? The costumes, the hats, the weapons and the staging? One wonders … Many adults, whether Russians or Ukrainians do not already understand this war. So children? !!

In order to calm the controversy, Alita posted on social networks a photo of all “countries” gathered with the legend: “that’s how it should be. This poor child and all the others were certainly used to make a “beautiful” propaganda message.

7 years, Down syndrome and … muse of a clothing brand

Even if mentalities evolve too slowly, there is progress! In Britain, a 7-year-old girl with Down syndrome, better known as trisomy 21, has been chosen to be the face of a clothing brand. This is indeed what the Daily Mail reports. 

The small Natty, from the city of Padstow, was selected from a hundred young models to be the face of the new campaign Sainsbury’s brand, the third largest chain stores.

The girl becomes the main model of their school uniforms. Clients and customers, young and old, will be able to wander in the stores and find the posters of the little star. It will also be on the catalogs of the sign. Like a real star!

“We are delighted that so many people will see that Natty is just a charming, bright and cheerful little girl,” says the young model’s mother.

Sainsbury’s is a good demonstration of the difference. But this type of approach is still too rare. How shocking is it to put a baby with Down’s Syndrome at the top of the bill as long as it is not a question of recovering the handicap to sell … but simply to change mentalities, or show that everyone can be beautiful. At a time when appearance and the race for perfection takes precedence over everything, the signs certainly fear for their image. Fortunately, some dare to take the lead. 

And this is not the first time that a brand for children decides to take young people with Down syndrome to represent its collections. In 2011, Alysia Lewis, owner of Urban Angels, a UK children’s modeling agency, chose Taya for her liveliness and sense of humor. “She’s an incredibly photogenic child,” she said then. And I agree with her. What’s more beautiful than a child’s smile!

In 2012, in the United States, the little Ryan, aged 6, parade him for the brands Nordstrom and Target.

The same year, it was the Spanish designer, Dolores Cortes, specializing in the design of swimwear, who had taken as a face, Valentina, a 10-month-old girl with trisomy 21. As explained by the designer at the Time: ” People with trisomy 21 are all as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities as others. I am delighted that Valentina poses for us  . “

Cheap Christmas Kids Clothes

Holiday party for small budget

No need to break the piggy bank for a festive and fashion outfit. A little customization or a disguise, a hint of good plans and voila!

Disguise and customization for Christmas

You are a fashionista? Why not customize the clothes of your children? An economical solution to make their basics chic and unique outfits. The 5000 stencil site, for example, offers models of textile printing stencils. To shine a thousand lights, choose glitter or rhinestones, bought in haberdashery. You can also add metallic seed beads to turn a discreet little dress into a star dress. On the site, we find many accessories such as buttons, nails or pretty iron-on drawings. A simple tee-shirt can then be transformed into a festive and fashionable clothing! 

Also, think about accessorizing the outfit your  little girl. Nothing like a scarf, a beautiful brooch or a little flashy to give it this little “something” and more. You can also opt for fancy tights, not to mention the knotted headband or the matching headband. And little boys are not left out: tie, bow tie …

Enjoy both parties to party and disguise your children , they love! So, to your scissors. Old clothes, old curtains, falling fabrics … take everything you no longer need to create handmade disguises.

 In the Infobébé activities section , find ideas for disguises to do yourself. If your child already has a fetish disguise, why not give him the freedom to dress like a superhero on this special day? You will not have to think about his outfit and he will be delighted.

Evening dress: the good plans

To find a party outfit cheaply, organize a dressing-room with friends . You can exchange or sell the old festive clothes of your children. Bartering you know? Thanks to the Internet, you can exchange the clothes of your children without constraint.

 The site offers this turnkey service. For 49 euros a year, the site takes pictures of the clothes and sends them to interested moms. You accumulate as shopping points that allow you to choose clothes in the dressing of other members. 

Go into the depots-sales where you will find models of big brands at sacrificed prices, like on. Feel free to sign up for private sales sites where bargains abound! For a cheap Christmas and solidarity, move to Emmaus. In November and December, the Emmaus structures offer clothes (but also decorations, toys …) collected throughout the year. Visit their website to learn more: In addition, the box trend has also taken hold of the textile market. On the Little Stork site, you receive every month a selection of clothes for your child. The monthly subscription costs 30 euros and Little Cigogne sends you the equivalent of 80 euros of branded clothes (3 pieces minimum).