Which Diamond Cut is Best for Each Occasion

Which Diamond Cut is Best for Each Occasion?

Any cut will really do, but if you want to be thematic about your jewelry during events and special occasions, there are so many combinations you can use. Here are just a few of our suggestions:


When in doubt, go with round cut diamonds. They are a great option because you can pair it with anything and we mean anything. You can wear it wearing your pajamas as well – as you can see with some of Victoria’s Secret ads. It even goes well with ball gowns. Basically, the round diamond is the ultimate diamond cut.

Valentines and Anniversaries

Heart cut diamonds are best for romantic events. While it won’t be the star of the show, it can feel really romantic wearing a symbol of love during a loving event in your life. You can wear it as earrings, as a pendant, and even as bracelets.


While there are no diamond cuts for holidays, you can choose instead a design that fits the holiday. Diamonds can be placed in different settings for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Before the holidays, there is usually a big sale for holiday designs. For example, a snowflake diamond pendant could be a good choice for the winter holidays.

Galas and Formal Events

This is a personal preference, but we suggest the Marquise cut and the Pear Cut diamonds. We think these are the most elegant cuts in all of the usual diamond cuts. They go well with formal attire and they accentuate your face in such a delicate manner.


For weddings, we suggest using round cut diamonds or emerald-cut diamonds. The round can be downplayed and work as a great accent, while emerald-cut diamonds are more eye-catching and luxurious.


For birthdays, it is also a personal preference. However, since it’s your big day, we suggest using eye-catching diamonds like Princess cut or radiant cut. They are square-shaped but really lovely and a favorite choice for many diamond lovers.

Combining Cuts

Now, this is not about occasions, but you can use it as a reference using the suggestions above.

Square Cut and Oval Cut

Combining these two is a bit unconventional, but you can actually see jewelry pieces that utilize both cuts and work perfectly together. This type of style is quite eye-catching so it’s best to pair it with a muted outfit. It is ideal for anniversaries and formal parties.

Round Cut and Heart Cut Diamonds

Since these two don’t have any sharp edges when seen from above, they actually make each other look better. They are also two romantic cuts that work well with anniversaries, Valentine’s, and honeymoons!

Emerald-Cut and Cushion Cut Diamonds

If you want extravagance, combining these two will definitely show the world how luxurious your taste it. These two are favorite cuts for large diamonds. So, if you have the cash, go crazy with this combo.

Where to Get Diamonds

It’s not easy getting these cuts from the corner jewelry store, so make sure you do your research on Vancouver diamonds. Check if the provider is accredited like Luxurydiamonds.Ca and contact them when you’re ready to buy the perfect piece.

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