Children’s gift: An Electric Scooter for Christmas?

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Christmas is coming fast … This year, opt for originality with a playful and up-to-date gift: the electric scooter! Fun and practical, it will allow your child to travel short distances to visit a friend, go to school or walk with you. Follow the guide to make the right choice!

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Safety first!

Choosing the electric scooter for your child must be done first and foremost according to safety criteria. An adapted scooter must have reliable and adequate systems:

• a wide, non-slip 
platform for optimum stability and safety, a secure starter system, 
• perfect acceleration control, controlled by a handle or push button, 
• a system perfect brake, placed on the handlebars or the rear wheel and to freely adjust the speed.

For maximum safety, do not hesitate to complete your gift of a helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads granted to the scooter!

A scooter adapted to the child

The ideal scooter combines comfort, ergonomics, and lightness while being adapted to the age, weight and size of your child. Carefully examine the details of the technical features to make sure you make the right choice:

• the maximum load accepted, adjusted to the weight of the child, 
• the weight of the scooter: opt for the lightness, between 10 and 13 kg, 
• the maximum speed, between 13 and 16 km / h, 
• the height of the handlebars, adjustable for maximum comfort during use.

A budget to predict

An electric scooter inevitably involves a certain cost. Try to choose the best value by relying on consumer reviews. Count on a minimum budget of 200 euros for a robust scooter, designed with strong and durable materials and equipped with a battery having a good autonomy.

Give a Bag for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Girlfriend's Birthday

By choosing to offer a bag for your girlfriend’s birthday, you’re sure to fall right and make her happy for sure. She may have a number in her dressing room since it is an essential accessory mode better then be spoiled for choice.

Girlfriend's Birthday

The bag is chosen according to the outfit she wants to wear, where she goes but also what she needs to pack. Know that everything is an excuse to change bags. The girls love to renew them because every season its style, colorful bags tend to appear on sunny days as soon as the sun comes back. In autumn, the bags become matched with the colors of the leaves of the trees.

For parties, birthdays, weddings, end of year celebrations, the cover is often de rigueur, it is timeless!

The shoulder bags or backpacks are always successful during walks because they are very convenient to carry all the small necessary and are easily worn without hurting the back.

The tote bags are mainly used in summer because it is at this time of the year that we need a very large bag to go to the pool or the beach for example. It has to be big enough to hold the beach towel, a bottle of water, sunscreen, a magazine and everything else that can stay.

Bowling bags, messenger bags, bucket bags, shopping bags are just as practical as each other, it’s also a story of taste. Some will prefer one shape rather than another, in any case, do not worry, this fall the little bags like the big are trendy! You will not be able to make a mistake of taste.

When it comes to colors and textures, it’s up to you when you want her to wear the bag you’ve decided to give her. The leather Liebeskind bag is a must in a wardrobe, class, practical. He can accompany your sweetheart in any situation.

If your girlfriend loves bags with more personalities, do not hesitate to play on the subjects and why not offer him a bag with fur for this winter? If she has some tastes and pretty classic outfits, maybe it’s time to give her a little more extravagant bag for her to jump in, maybe not for lack of envy but she just does not dare yet. To you to help him.

Great Tips for Finding the Perfect Birthday Gift

Anniversaries are a time of joy, but everyone knows how to find the perfect gift can be secretly stressful. Even if you have known the boy or the birthday girl for a very long time, there is no guarantee that you will know what to offer him when that special day comes. Take a look at these wonderful tips that greatly facilitate birthday gift shopping – and save money and time to get started.

 Perfect Birthday Gift

Ask for ideas

It’s good to ask for help! Friends or family members may be able to give you good ideas or point you in the right direction. At the very least, ask others what they plan to offer – if the person who is going to celebrate his birthday has one or two important interests, finding him a birthday present should be easy for you.

Buy for the person in question, not for you!

If you stop for a minute, you can probably think of times when you let your personal taste influence the gifts you buy. Instead of trying to tame his wild tastes by buying a simple necklace, show him that you appreciate his style by offering this bold bracelet that you will love.

Buy something useful can be better

People love to give fun birthday gifts such as works of art and home decor. However, if the gift only takes up space, it is best to give something that the recipient will actually use. If you give an article that is usually posted, make sure he or she will really like it. Otherwise, it will be used to collect dust and create a clutter. If you are unsure, it is safer to use an article that a person can actually use.

Enjoy the season

If you do not know what to buy, consider seasonal products. Seasonal items can be used immediately and can not be forgotten or forgotten. If it’s winter, go for a scarf. If it’s summer, look for a sun hat or a baseball cap. This also facilitates shopping as seasonal items are readily available in season.

Consider the number of candles

Consider the number of candles on the cake and buy a birthday gift appropriate to his age. Your teenage nephew might love a book about his teens, and a fun movie about girls in their twenties might be a great gift for your niece who is twenty. Older men and women are more likely to appreciate household items, while gift cards may be more suitable for students who do not want to accumulate a lot of things.

What if We Offered a Pair of Shoes to His Darling?

Pair of Shoes

All occasions are good to please his man. But it is not always easy to find the right gift. He has a wide variety of options. What if we put aside superstitious ideas and offered a pair of shoes to his darling?

Pair of Shoes

Shoes, symbol of masculine elegance

The shoes are the accessory that most elegantly completes an outfit. Better yet, they say a lot about the person who wears them. For a man, in practice, it is necessary that the shoes are of good quality and keep well but all the other details also hold the attention. In the choice, it is necessary to pay attention to the elements such as the design, the assembly the material, the finishing.

Which model to choose?

These are not the opportunities to wear shoes that are missing. Models are also legion. It is possible to choose according to the habits of his darling. For someone who adopts a classic and elegant style and is more used to the professional look, para boots are the perfect gift. Depending on the style of each, chic or casual, we can find the appropriate model. As a gift, he is not excluded to bring his darling out of his comfort zone by offering him a model he is not used to, the opportunity for him to try something new and However, it is important to ensure quality.

Choosing good quality shoes

In terms of gifts, the most important is to please certainly but for men’s shoe quality is paramount. More than a question of comfort, it is a major health issue. The shoes often wear for a long time and bad shoes can act negatively on the health of the feet and not that. For this, if you do not know, it is better to ask for advice. On the other hand, good quality shoes are obviously longer. In this regard, leather is a popular material in men’s shoes. With all this information one can now easily offer a pair of shoes to his man.

5 Birth Gift Ideas

5 Birth Gift Ideas

A new birth in your surroundings, this is a magical event that will surely transform the life of your loved one. Yours too will be a little upset because you will have to find a useful and personal gift. Do not panic, here are some gift ideas that will please the baby and new parents.

Opt for a personalized gift

A personal gift has never disappointed, especially because it often tells a story and also because it has emotional value. In addition, you have plenty of choices, namely decorative objects to personalize the nursery, baby accessories, or clothes with his name. A blanket is a support and reassures the baby. Custom, the blanket can also be a good gift idea. 
Be careful with clothes, especially when choosing the size. It is also better to avoid soft toys because they are contrary to the rules of safety for the sleep of the butchery.

Choose a gift “for later”

Baby will obviously grow up fast. In this case, why not bet on a “second-age” gift? For example, you can offer a lunch box, an interactive learning book or a useful toy that will both entertain and decorate your room. A musical box or night light is also a safe bet to help baby fall asleep quietly in their room. Children’s care products are not always a good idea, because of their composition and their fragrance which could be displeasing to parents.

Offer a gift card to a reputable brand

This is a good gift idea that will certainly appeal to young parents as they will be able to choose the gift or gifts for their own. This gift idea is particularly ideal if you are several on the spot. In this way, you can easily put a large enough amount to allow parents to buy things really useful for baby.

Rely on the birth list

Baby gifts can be expensive for those around you. Also, to avoid the purchase of unnecessary gifts and especially to avoid duplication, young parents are more likely to make available to friends and relatives a wish list of gifts. With this possible birth list, you will not be mistaken for a gift.

Spoil young parents

Another tip is to offer gifts to young parents . Thus, you will be spoiled for choice. An essential little book that answers all the questions that young dads and moms can ask, beauty products for the mom , or fitness sessions (hours of post-natal yoga for example), or even course for young parents, etc.

Whether it’s a girl or a boy, you now have a little idea about the gift to offer to welcome him. The choice is very varied, you choose the ideal surprise according to the needs of the child but also those of young parents.

Personalized gift for a man of 20 years

gift for a man

A nephew, a friend, a son, a cousin will soon be celebrating his 20th birthday. For this occasion, you must find the perfect gift to please him. However, among the countless items available on the market, you are often in trouble. So, to avoid the disappointing last-minute gifts found at the local supermarket, we have prepared this guide that includes birthday gift ideas for a 20-year-old man.

gift for a man

Why celebrate his 20 years? and with who ?

Celebrating the 20 springs of a young man is an important step in life. This is the age when one really begins to become an adult. Indeed, during the next few years, the young adult will finish his studies, get the job of his dreams and others will start a family.

The beginning of a new era!

Thus, this period is still endowed with great life experiences for the young man. So, as well start it by celebrating it with great pomp.

In addition, as well be surrounded by good people to mark this event. So, consider inviting your family members for the birthday party. In addition, friends are also welcome. Not to mention your lover!

In a nutshell, there’s nothing better than being with your loved ones to get off to a good 20 years. In addition, they are best placed to offer you the gift that would please you the most.

What would please a man for his 20 years?

Finding the perfect gift for a person depends on the tastes and interests of the person. Indeed, there is no question of offering a kitchen accessory to a sports enthusiast, for example. However, do not forget to rely on the age of the person either. Thus, at age 20, we put on trendy gift items, in tune with the times to delight the young man around you. You will find a full list here if needed.

The unclassifiable

So, a funny gift is a good idea to give to a 20 year old boy. Of course, at this age, humor is an inseparable part of his daily life, especially with his band of friends. Thus, an unusual gift and a funny gift will be welcomed and add a touch of fun to the party. Among this category you can find fun costumes, t-shirts written text or funny drawing. In addition, the joke articles still have the wind in this area

High tech & geek

In addition, a trendy gift also includes geek gifts. So, think about adding this criterion in the 20-year-old man gift ideas list. Technology is now inseparable from the daily lives of young adults. Your gift will then be useful to him every day. So, for him to find the best gift, you can lean towards a particular area that he is passionate about: video games, computer science, cinema, etc.


Then, find an article in relation to his universe. For example, opt for a Pokéball power bank if he is a fan of Pokémon, a Stormtrooper night light if he loves the Star Wars saga. Collectibles such as mugs and figures are also a hit with young geeks.

How to make your birthday unforgettable?

In order to mark the celebration of the 20 years of a young adult of your entourage as it should be, think to opt for a personalized and original gift to offer to him.

Fun gifts

Among the countless personalized gifts that you can turn to, we find ready-to-wear at the top of the list. A t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirt and other fashion accessories such as a bag. You can write texts, patterns or drawings of your choice. Remember to get inspired by a motivational quote, the recipient’s interests or nickname to add an original touch.

A timeless gift


In addition, jewelry is also a good gift idea to personalize. On a silver bracelet, or even in gold plated or silver, you have the possibility to engrave the name, the initial or the date of birth of the young man. The addition of a sweet little word can also be done. It is the same for a watch, a pendant or a military plate. In addition, this kind of gift fills with sentimental value as the years go by.

Customizable with photo

On the other hand, personalized photo gifts are also popular with young people. Fashion accessories, high-tech items like phone cases, clothing and almost any object can be customized using an image.

However, it must be emphasized that, whether expensive or not, personalized gifts are always a pleasure for the recipient of your gift. Moreover, it is a good way to show your attention to the person since it is specially designed for her. Then, it also helps to distinguish your present from those of others.