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Children’s gift: An Electric Scooter for Christmas?

Christmas is coming fast … This year, opt for originality with a playful and up-to-date gift: the electric scooter! Fun and practical, it will allow your child to travel short distances to visit a friend, go to school or walk with you. Follow the guide to make the right choice!

Children's gif

Safety first!

Choosing the electric scooter for your child must be done first and foremost according to safety criteria. An adapted scooter must have reliable and adequate systems:

• a wide, non-slip 
platform for optimum stability and safety, a secure starter system, 
• perfect acceleration control, controlled by a handle or push button, 
• a system perfect brake, placed on the handlebars or the rear wheel and to freely adjust the speed.

For maximum safety, do not hesitate to complete your gift of a helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads granted to the scooter!

A scooter adapted to the child

The ideal scooter combines comfort, ergonomics, and lightness while being adapted to the age, weight and size of your child. Carefully examine the details of the technical features to make sure you make the right choice:

• the maximum load accepted, adjusted to the weight of the child, 
• the weight of the scooter: opt for the lightness, between 10 and 13 kg, 
• the maximum speed, between 13 and 16 km / h, 
• the height of the handlebars, adjustable for maximum comfort during use.

A budget to predict

An electric scooter inevitably involves a certain cost. Try to choose the best value by relying on consumer reviews. Count on a minimum budget of 200 euros for a robust scooter, designed with strong and durable materials and equipped with a battery having a good autonomy.

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