Have you ever seen yourself in the situation of starting a new job and not being sure how you should dress to make the right impression? Surely yes.

This situation may resemble a crisis, but following the right advice, you can overcome this complicated moment. Here we share what you should take into account to get it right.


Tips :

You must know where you are stepping.

It is essential that you always have clarity of the position you occupy in the office, that and the image you want to capture are the two main factors that define what your style of dress will be.

Communication is everywhere, and the way you dress is one more way to communicate. If your style is not according to the position you occupy, you will be communicating to others that you are not ready to assume it, or that you are not comfortable playing that role.

What you want to achieve

Companies choose their personnel not only for their abilities to fulfill or carry out certain functions; it also influences the appearance and the presence projected by that person before others. That is why, if you were chosen to occupy a role in which you must stand up for the company, your dress must be part of that occupation that you will be developing from now on, and therefore, you are the voice and face of the company that you represent.

Have variety, escape from boredom.

Make sure your wardrobe is flexible. That is, try that your clothes can alternate between one and another. Take into account that your combinations should look professional. It does not matter if it is an executive or operational position, the formality is not fought with comfort.

This way you will avoid getting bored with your work clothes. 

Have many accessories.

But not to use them all at once. The idea is that the accessories serve as a support to achieve what you want with your outfits.

These elements are almost as important as your main clothes because they give that personal touch to your image.

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