Polo, the Best Way to Get Uniformed

Polo, the Best Way to Get Uniformed and Feel Comfortable in the Office

Originally, these shirts were invented to play Polo, an Argentine sport consisting of two teams made up of four players, who mounted on horseback should try to carry a small ball to cross a rival goal.

During the decade of 1970, the famous designer Ralph Lauren designed a collection called “Polo” with these shirts being the main protagonists. From that date, polo style garments are indispensable in everyday fashion, especially in corporate dress.

Polo, the Best Way to Get Uniformed

What is the reason for its success? The polo garments are made with cotton, so they are comfortable, durable and also limit the excessive sweating of those who wear them.

Comfort: thanks to the diversification of the dress codes, comfort is one of the main needs of employers and collaborators.

Versatility: it is one of the most versatile garments of business fashion: it can be worn with jeans, with dress pants or with khaki. Of course, remember that it will always be less formal than a shirt.

In BIBO Business Uniforms we have 3 varieties of traditional polo:

  • Classic Polo
  • Dry Polo
  • Elite Polo

We are manufacturers of business uniforms and offer advice on the creation of corporate styles with the use of the best fabrics in the country. We have presence throughout the national territory.

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