Knowing how to choose the garments
There are certain garments that you must have in your corporate wardrobe. 
If you are a woman, you can not miss among your basics: 

Pants: even if it is not a rule in the dress code, having among your favorites a navy blue, black, beige and gray will get you out of any hurry in an executive meeting or presentation.


Skirts: straight cut and at the height of the knee; It can always be a little higher or a little lower, as you feel more comfortable. 

 Blouses: in neutral tones and classic black and white. Try to avoid pronounced necklines or too many details.

Blazers and sweaters: a black blazer and another one in navy blue of your size will be enough; The sweaters can give all the color to your look in an office day. It is a garment with which you can play much more and choose according to the occasion.

Accessories such as bags, watches and shoes also play an important role. Print all your personality with them! A color accent, a design element, or a few drops of perfume can make all the difference. If you are a man , write down these tips! 

Pants: the drawer will be the uniform, but have one in navy blue and one in black is basic. Avoid bright, tight-fitting or baggy pants. In future posts we will tell you which are the ideal fits for each body type.

Shirts: something where you can not skimp; stripes or pictures of different proportions and smooth in different colors. Try not to mix too many textures in your outfit to maintain a balance. 

Sacks and sweaters: although it depends on the turn in which you unwrap, a black or oxford gray jacket and a navy blue should not be missing in your wardrobe. Sweaters are a great compliment: a black “V” neck sweater is mandatory and we suggest some other color that goes with your style and personality because the most important element to look flawless is to feel comfortable.

Ties and socks: if you dare, play with them! Neckties can be the most fun in an office look, so choose your favorites and combine them. If you already played with your tie, you should avoid flashy socks.

Appropriate use of colors
The colors are to enjoy them. Remember that you have two parameters that will help you define which tones you can use. These parameters are: the dress code of your office and your personal taste. 
You can play with accessories to create combinations. Lipstick, bags or shoes if you are a woman. Tie and socks if you are a man.

If it makes a noise, do not put it on! 
Using accessories that cause unnecessary noise is a very simple way to make your office colleagues feel uncomfortable. 
Check that your choices do not break with this rule, think of another look that suits you. 

Of course there is the issue of heels, but it is one of the few exceptions that apply to this rule. 
As far as possible avoid wide-open shoes, unless the temperature warrants it and that they are sufficiently attached to your heels; Otherwise, you will look unprofessional and it is just what we want to avoid.

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