Discover Gemstones: Know Everything About Precious and Semiprecious Stones


Ring, earrings, pendants, bracelets, or piercing jewelry, the stones adorn and beautifully showcase all kinds of jewelry. These gems are divided into two categories that are precious and fine. How to differentiate the two?



Where does the name gemmes precious and fine?

To know everything about the precious and precious stones most commonly found in lapidaries and jewelery, visit this online encyclopedia. Accessible to the general public, their data sheets are the most complete and will give you precious details about the characteristics of each stone. With this site, aquamarines, moonstones, rubies, pink quartz and others will no longer have any secrets for you.

Whether for jewelry in gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, not to mention the fantasies … Nearly fifty gems are now used in the creation and manufacture of jewelry. They are first and foremost all-natural minerals, but above all also known for their hardness. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to carve them and give them shapes. Subsequently, depending on their purity, transparency and rarity, these stones can be described as fine or precious.

Remember that this distinction already existed in antiquity. And it goes without saying that synthesized and reconstituted stones are not part of it. Thus, only four in particular including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, precious gems are still today the most prized and the most expensive on the market. Some are even called real gems. This is, for example, the case of the Regent, one of the most beautiful white diamonds in the world.

What is really called fine gems?

As it is increasingly difficult to find precious gems, their prices keep increasing. This is why in recent years, gemologists, lapidaries, and jewelers are turning more and more on fine stones. And similarly to the precious stones that are diamonds, emeralds or sapphires, these stones are also declined in raw, cut or polished.

Moreover, when the tourmaline, the blue chalcedony or the peridot are of an exceptional beauty, in particular, the qualities AAA, their value often exceeds that of some precious ones. These stones can then be sold very expensively. But whatever it is, these gems are fine in that their hardness is simply inferior to the previous ones.

We must also talk about their crystalline side and their transparency. More specifically, with a few exceptions, the majority of these minerals easily let the light through. Otherwise, fine gems are also available in a very wide range of colors to mention only yellow, brown, purple …

Beware, however, even if in many countries, their name of the semiprecious stone is still de rigueur, this label is now prohibited in France. The goal here is to avoid any confusion with the real precious gems. Finally, it should be noted that amber, a fossilized plant resin, as well as natural or cultured pearls are also considered as fine stones.

The Choice of the Engagement Ring: From Classic Solitaire to Originality!

Engagement Ring

Abandoned somewhat in recent years, the engagement returns back to the front of the stage. In the tradition and the collective imagination, the engagement is inseparable from the ring of the same name. But what are the criteria for buying the engagement ring?

Engagement Ring

Ask yourself the right questions

Engagement is undoubtedly one of the most important moments in the life of a young couple since the lovebirds together make the decision to engage with each other. In ninety-nine percent of the cases, it is the boy who makes his request, often surprised, to the chosen one of his heart. But for it to be possible, he needs the engagement ring. A jewel today available in a myriad of variations of shapes and materials, as you can see at Edenly.

The first thing to do is to define the amount you want to spend on this precious jewelry. The budget level will indeed depend on the characteristics of the ring. Be careful though, because the most expensive ring is not necessarily the prettiest, even if you bought it at a great jeweler. Between five hundred and one thousand euros, you can easily find “the rare pearl”. That’s why some men do not hesitate to save money before buying this ring.

The metal and the precious stone

Once the amount is fixed, you can finally devote yourself to the material of the ribbon of the jewel, more precisely the turn of the finger of the jewel. And not surprisingly, yellow or pink, gold especially the eighteen carats is still as successful with future fiancées. Alternatively, there are also whites and grays. However, to the extent that this metal is ninety-five percent yellow gold, their beautiful colors may fade over the months.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it, the ultimate is platinum. Highly resistant, this metal is the most valuable material used in the making of engagement rings.

Otherwise, people with a limited budget can always move towards silver, titanium or steel. And for what is now the precious stone, symbolizing eternity, the diamond is the gem of this ring. However, we see now, more and more, set with sapphire, emerald, rubies, pearls, even stones.

Other criteria to consider

What will happen to the shape of the jewel now? Many of you will probably immediately think of the loner. It is not surprising at all, knowing that nearly fifty percent of women dream of being asked to do so with the classic diamond solitaire .

However, to change the usual standards or in order to stand out from the crowd, nothing prevents you from opting for a completely different style, provided you retain a model that corresponds to his tastes, of course. When in doubt, ask for advice and opinions of friends and family. Otherwise, in order not to make odd, you can always leave to the principal interested the choice of the ring. Here, unfortunately, you have to put an end to the effect of surprise.

Zoom on the diamond

Zoom on the diamond

Seriously, what passionate jewelry and gems do not crack on precious stones especially diamonds?

I admit, I have been fascinated by this gem for years. That’s why I decided to devote an article in my blog.

Zoom on the diamond

The gem of excess

Even before I could afford my first diamond solitaire , this precious gem was already the subject of all my attention. Regularly, I even went to visit jewelers to admire and touch the stone. Why so much craze? First, the exceptional beauty and clarity of this gem, especially if the diamond has shades of colors such as pink, blue, green or yellow.

Moreover, at an auction organized by Sotheby’s on November 13, 2013 in Geneva, the most expensive diamond in the world was awarded at a colossal price of $ 83 million, namely nearly 61 million euros. Beautifully set on a ring, the Pink Star is a rare 59.60 carat pink diamond from one of the De Beers mines in Africa. Weighing 11.92 grams, the Pink Star has a thickness of 1.36 centimeters, with a measurement of 2.60 centimeters by 2.69 centimeters.

But if I have so much fascination for this precious stone, it’s because this natural mineral composed mainly of carbon is only 150 or even 1000 kilometers below the earth’s crust. Indeed, a temperature around 1200 degrees, associated with a pressure of 4.5 GPa are the conditions sine qua non to the formation of the diamond. Hence its rarity and its very expensive cost.

What you need to know when buying a diamond

If one day you want to become the lucky owner of a diamond you must take into account these 4 evaluation criteria. More specifically, the 4C will intervene in determining the price of this precious stone. The first is the Carat which as its name indicates defines the weight of the gem. So the more the gem is heavy, the higher the price. And if my memory does not fail me, only diamonds cut with more than 0.5 carats can be qualified as rare.

The second criterion is the Clarity which specifies the purity of the gemstone based on the number of inclusions present in the gem. These imperfections may be in the form of crystals or gaseous clouds. Otherwise, once examined from every angle, the stone will be classified according to its purity. And for information, in the purity chart, a diamond is qualified perfect when the gem is categorized Internally Flawless or FL.

The diamond on my engagement ring is on the scale of VS2 or Very Small Inclusion, a very appreciable purity. But now let’s talk about the Cut . This third criterion concerns mainly the size, the symmetry and the shape of the diamond and will be defined according to four essential elements which are: the breech, the crown, the table and the rondiste. Finally, the fourth, and not least, criterion is the color of the gemstone or color .

Here are all the tips to choose your diamond!

3 Places to Buy Jewelery Outside of Jewelery

Jewelery Outside of Jewelery

When you are passionate or inveterate jewelry collector, we are in perpetual search of the most beautiful piece. We then multiply places and buying channels. Try these three!

Jewelery Outside of Jewelery

Garage sales

New jewellery shops open their doors each year in France. Their number has continued to grow, to the delight of jewelry buffs who are both male and female. Some brands even specialize in gold, silver, fantasy or ethnic models. Only disadvantage, it is often proposed in these shops that new creations, even among high-end jewelers. Difficult then to find rings, necklaces, or older pins. But luckily there are garage sales or flea markets find antique jewelry. To find the rare pearl, collectors do not hesitate to skim them, because one can simply purchase unique and original pieces. Better, bargaining is even allowed.


Otherwise, in recent times, the big trend is to online shopping and the world of jewelry is not spared. Some people have already definitely adopted this mode of acquisition. Engagement rings, wedding bands, jewels set with precious stones. There is only the embarrassment of choice. Everything is now trading online. Shopping on the internet has many advantages. First, there is the undeniable practical side of this approach. No need to shop around the jewels.

What’s more, the items are in most cases delivered at home. But with the internet, it is now also possible to order jewelry made in other countries and receive them directly, especially ethnic jewelry. Caution is advisable, however, because scammers, as well as people of bad faith, do not miss. This is why we must learn about the seller before engaging in any transaction: for this, check the Legal Site that must clearly include administrative information about the company, as well as special mentions such as general conditions sales terms, delivery times and reimbursement conditions, which are reassuring criteria par excellence.

Private sales

The third mode of purchase is private sales . Launched a few years ago, these are now legion, especially with fans of luxury jewelry and designer. Indeed, it sells articles of major brand new end of series at unbeatable prices, since it is 40 to 70% cheaper, compared to their price in the shop.

Only here, you have to be invited to attend these sales and unfortunately, the membership is done in the majority of the cases via a sponsorship. Luckily, at some stores, a simple registration on their site will suffice. The dates and locations of the private sales are then communicated by email, as well as the invitations. Otherwise, there are also websites linking people to sponsors.

How to Make a Shamballa Bracelet Yourself?

Shamballa Bracelet

As the big trend is to do it yourself, how not to devote an article to self-made jewelry. I offer you a tutorial on how to make a Shamballa bracelet in two tricks.

Shamballa Bracelet

Material and supplies

That’s right, Shamballa fashion was launched two or three years ago. And last summer, some of you have already had to trade theirs against the rainbow loom. However, for me, by their elegance, these Tibetan-inspired bracelets remain great classics. Plus, it’s very easy to do it yourself.

I assure you, just understand the principle and it’s a real breeze afterward. But before you get to the tutorial, here is a list of essential supplies for the creation of this jewel. Of course, the ideal would be to be able to offer authentic pearls Swarovski rhinestones. Their disadvantage? Their high price.

Otherwise, we find easily on the market pearls exactly the same style. Glass, metal or plastic are available in all colors. That’s what I use. And for the body of the bracelet, you must also have in your possession a black cord, preferably in waxed cotton. Otherwise, a jewel wire will do the job very well.

Your Shamballa bracelet step by step

You will need a cord of about thirty to forty centimeters. The latter will serve as the middle frame of your bracelet. My trick to put pearls on easily and quickly? I burn the other end with a gas burner and I press on it to form a small ball. I always start with the closing bead. Once I have donned the desired number, I secure everything by knotting the ends.

Using a safety pin, I fix everything on a small cushion. I isolate a pearl one centimeter from the others. Subsequently, I attack the achievement of macramé points. To do this, I need another rope, but this time about a meter fifty. I pass the thread under the mainframe. I tie it on the latter, making sure that the left and right threads are the same lengths. I start weaving with the right cord by passing it over the main wire. Then, I pass the left cord alternately on the right, then on the mainframe to stand out on the loop formed by the first. I shoot and here I am with my first flat knot.

I go back another pearl and I do the same manipulation, but this time in the opposite direction. Little by little, the bracelet begins to form and I stop only when there are no more pearls. Finally, I slip two small seed beads at both ends of my middle thread. And to get the sliding closure system, I superimpose them encloses them in new flat knots woven using another sixty-centimeter cord.

Designer Jewelry to discover!


Yellow, white, pink or gray … all the colors of gold! It is true that gold jewelry still fascinates, especially those that are set with precious stones. However, faced with their very expensive price, many people prefer to turn to costume jewelry.
The silver rings signed by a great designer.

While a few years ago the name of jewelry “fantasy” referred mainly to low quality cheap jewelry, it is no longer the case today. The proof, there is only to see the creators who are present on the multibrand shop of Mademoiselle Sissi . The latter unveils jewelry whose creators compete in imagination and aesthetics in their approach to style around jewelry.

Gems like Lapis lazuli and Labradorite are worked very finely and thus bring a touch of elegance to each ring model. As for their design, like any ethnic gem that respects themselves, they are mostly inspired by countries, civilizations and distant peoples, hence their originality and timelessness. Not to mention that to minimize the risk of allergy, the money used by the designer is mainly 925 Sterling, which is also commonly called “massive money”.

The fans of this precious metal will no doubt confirm that the 925 hallmark is nothing more or less than a guarantee of the purity of silver. Specifically, the jewelery is 92.5% silver. Otherwise, the remaining 7.5% are the indispensable metals used in the alloy. In fact, exceptionally soft, the agent can be stiffened only by combining it with zinc or copper.

Why this craze for costume jewelry?
So, in case you have very sensitive skin, or you are prone to skin allergies, make sure that the silver jewel is 925 sterling , before placing an order. Moreover, without the need to check their punch, you will recognize them very easily thanks to their bright white. However, it should be noted that money is not the only material used by creators.
Wood, other metals, leather, mother-of-pearl, horn, synthetic stones, plastic, or shellfish are also very popular. That’s why ethnic jewelry is so successful. Compared to classical jewelry, fantasy jewelry as the name suggests indeed offer more extravagance and authenticity. The combinations of patterns, colors and textures are simply unlimited. Nothing surprising if more and more creators get started.

Some of them have even become references and today specialize in luxury ranges. International fairs dedicated to costume jewelery are organized each year. Over time, this fashion accessory has gradually gained its nobility and is inviting in our jewelry boxes as well as gold earrings or chains. What’s more, their price is very competitive, compared to the models sold in the classic jewelry.