Designer Jewelry to discover!

Yellow, white, pink or gray … all the colors of gold! It is true that gold jewelry still fascinates, especially those that are set with precious stones. However, faced with their very expensive price, many people prefer to turn to costume jewelry.
The silver rings signed by a great designer.

While a few years ago the name of jewelry “fantasy” referred mainly to low quality cheap jewelry, it is no longer the case today. The proof, there is only to see the creators who are present on the multibrand shop of Mademoiselle Sissi . The latter unveils jewelry whose creators compete in imagination and aesthetics in their approach to style around jewelry.

Gems like Lapis lazuli and Labradorite are worked very finely and thus bring a touch of elegance to each ring model. As for their design, like any ethnic gem that respects themselves, they are mostly inspired by countries, civilizations and distant peoples, hence their originality and timelessness. Not to mention that to minimize the risk of allergy, the money used by the designer is mainly 925 Sterling, which is also commonly called “massive money”.

The fans of this precious metal will no doubt confirm that the 925 hallmark is nothing more or less than a guarantee of the purity of silver. Specifically, the jewelery is 92.5% silver. Otherwise, the remaining 7.5% are the indispensable metals used in the alloy. In fact, exceptionally soft, the agent can be stiffened only by combining it with zinc or copper.

Why this craze for costume jewelry?
So, in case you have very sensitive skin, or you are prone to skin allergies, make sure that the silver jewel is 925 sterling , before placing an order. Moreover, without the need to check their punch, you will recognize them very easily thanks to their bright white. However, it should be noted that money is not the only material used by creators.
Wood, other metals, leather, mother-of-pearl, horn, synthetic stones, plastic, or shellfish are also very popular. That’s why ethnic jewelry is so successful. Compared to classical jewelry, fantasy jewelry as the name suggests indeed offer more extravagance and authenticity. The combinations of patterns, colors and textures are simply unlimited. Nothing surprising if more and more creators get started.

Some of them have even become references and today specialize in luxury ranges. International fairs dedicated to costume jewelery are organized each year. Over time, this fashion accessory has gradually gained its nobility and is inviting in our jewelry boxes as well as gold earrings or chains. What’s more, their price is very competitive, compared to the models sold in the classic jewelry.

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