Fancy Handbag for a Woman

What Is a Fancy Handbag for a Woman?

It was after being interviewed by Joe the bag shunter blog that I wanted to talk to you about handbags and the special relationship we women have with this accessory we love so much!

– On your blog, you analyze the contents of the bags of some girls! So does the content allow him to detect someone’s personality?

Fancy Handbag for a Woman

The contents of a handbag are very revealing of the personality of his or her owner. There is a real relationship between the woman and her purse. He is not just an accessory. It is a container, the container of a door and our keys is also our little secretaries. We need comforting universes to fight the outside world, the handbag is one of them. It is full of memories and weighs on the woman literally and figuratively. It is also a tool of social distinction, it classifies and differentiates us from others. Big brands play a lot. It is an extension of oneself, I think that with that we said everything! Its content is so extreme ê revealing ance 

– Basically, it was a blog and now it’s a shop that sells and sells used luxury bags, what drove you to start e-commerce of handbags?

On the blog, I created a vacuum-dressing because it was the beginning of this trend on the internet. And I realized that there was a real demand for the return of used handbags. Moreover on eBay counterfeits are legion and scare the Internet users. Hence the idea to create a website where customers can sell and buy bags occasion authenticated safely!

– How do you check the authenticity of a bag, because there are many fake Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc circulating on the net?

I appeal to the gift experts t job it is because I do not mess with control bottles.

– I saw that you gave personalized fashion advice to your clients, what exactly is it? 

Some customers want to be advised on how to wear a particular accessory depending on their outfit or a particular occasion. T ll women are not fashionistas or are not very sure of themselves and enjoy being gu ideas in their choice. I also advise lots of men who want to make a surprise to their wife and who are afraid of being wrong. I ask them a few questions about the woman to whom they intend their gift and they trust me and even become very loyal to Mate in general!

Do women have the same look on their handbag?

Women have sovent a passionate relationship with their purse and each has a role different regard. Few women do not lie in handbags. The majority loves to collect them and today it is easy because there are so many cheap brands that sell bags that it is accessible to all. woman is often faithful to her handbag and chooses it with the utmost care because it is a real companion every day. More fashionistas are going to match their outfit but all it will attend and are very portent their little secrets.

What is a handbag for a woman?

It would take me a day  to answer this question!

Women love it. It’s a toolkit and a treasure cave. But all its content ends up weighing. The most obvious obsession of women is to lighten it, to manage to expel a style, a box of chewing gum or a pack of kleenex. It is a great philosophical debate inside. Trier her bag to empty, s lighten or, conversely, to keep all his inner world with self, self, is to make a life choice. Choose between the ideal of lightness and that of security, happiness, and comfort.

A woman without a purse, what is it for you? “Hello, hello, do not you have a purse?

Oh yes, it’s my new slogan ”  loo nan but you ‘re a woman and you have no handbag, but what?

More seriously, I do not know a woman who does not have a purse. woman without a purse would have lost some of her femininity in my opinion. would miss him something …

Men are starting to have more to have one too because sometimes it is difficult to put in their pockets only! With the multiplication of the objects we use, cell phone, tablet, diary etc, a purse is more than necessary then it is an accessory in its own right. It allows us to “do the beauty” …

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